Corporate and military watches

Commissioned and bespoke watch projects

Corporate and Military watches

Commissioned and bespoke watch projects

Time to show your allegiance. A customized or ‘double branded’ wristwatch says it all.
Things that define us often go without saying. They don’t need big words or grand gestures. To express what really makes us tick, we need something more persistent. Something more sophisticated.

Customizing a wristwatch with an engraving is a tradition that goes back decades. Whether it’s the name of a loved one, the symbol of a team or the logo of a company. Craftily etched on the back or into the dial of a high quality timepiece. A powerful memento. Just there with you, at your side. Every step of the way, with every tick of the clock.

In its illustrious past Lebois & Co has created double branded presentation watches for legendary brands such as Fiat. And still today – well into the 21st century – we perpetuate this valuable tradition. By offering customizations such as an engraving on the case’s back and bespoke watch designs like double-signed dials (also known as co-branded or double branded watches). Whether its a one-off or a series.

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The experienced watch design team at Lebois & Co is here to guide you through the process of creating a unique watch that tells much more than just the time.

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A unique gift for your staff or favorite clients


Double-signed dials

We offer double-signing with your company logo added to the dial


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Well experienced

Our experienced watch design team will guide you through the process

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