Venturist production update, Share certificates, Restoring a vintage…

March 12, 2020

In the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus, there is good news too… from watch brand Lebois & Co!

Venturist production update
We are happy to inform you that meanwhile the movements arrived safe and sound! This means that all components of the Venturist in our possession and assembly has started. We expect the first batch to be ready within two weeks. Then, of course, the watches will head for Geneva to be tested in the OC+ test/certification protocol. As it looks now, delivery at the end of April/beginning of May is still very realistic.

Share certificates/Depositary receipts for shares

Soon we will hit €90K of invested funds, invested by 23 investors through our ‘Become a shareholder’ campaign. While our initial plan was to first collect the complete investment goal (€500K) and then start the execution of our business plan, our revised plan and new insights states that we want to work according to a more iterative approach. After approval of these 23 investors we decided to start using these investments and start issuing share certificates (depositary receipts for shares).

Meanwhile we have finalized the participation conditions and all new holders of depositary receipts (including buyers of the Venturist Shareholder Package) will be contacted within the next 14 days to sign the transfer agreement. Should you have any questions or should you be interested to participate and invest, please contact me by email or phone.

Restoring a vintage Lebois & Co chronograph

In June 2019 we were commissioned to restore a vintage gold Lebois & Co chronograph. The watch, about 80 years old, was in very bad condition. The lugs were broken and the case was severely damaged. A goldsmith had to work on it to get the case back in the right shape. Meanwhile, the watch is almost ready and we are very proud that we were able to bring this assignment to a successful conclusion. Soon the owner will be able to enjoy his beautiful watch again! Some first pictures..


An Evening with Lebois
On February 13 we held our second ‘Drinks & Watches’ event. This time we visited the great city of London. Around 20 attendees came to talk watches and to have a good ol’ pint with us at The Artillery Arms, a traditional corner pub opposite an iconic London graveyard. We got great feedback on both our Venturist and Avantgarde and the crowd loved our archive of vintage timepieces. A photo impression:

Next up: Los Angeles… Well, at least that was our intention. About a month or two ago we decided to combine our visit to LA with a booth presence at MicroLUX, a two-day event (April 4 and 5) that celebrates independent and micro brand luxury watches. However, because of the latest developments around the coronavirus we will not be able to travel into the US from Europe. As it looks now, MicroLUX Los Angeles will continue as planned. Together with our prospective distributor in California, with whom we would be at the event together, we will consider our options. To be continued..

Besides Los Angeles we also had our ‘Drinks & Watches’ evening planned in Zürich and Frankfurt. There were no dates scheduled yet and for now, because of the developments around the coronavirus, we will postpone until things have settled down.

Best wishes,
Lebois & Co

Tom van Wijlick

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