Venturist production update, new video, introducing a Lebois & Co Brand Ambassador and more good news… ?

May 10, 2020

Here in The Netherlands the COVID-19 measures are relaxed little by little. I hope that there is positive perspective where you live as well!

Venturist production update
After having to report the delayed delivery of the Venturist back in March, I am very happy to announce that the assembly process has finished! This means that the first batch of Venturist watches is in our possession! Next and final step; the Observatoire Chronométrique+ testing and certification; we are currently preparing the batch to be sent to Geneva. Then the 21 day test at TIMELAB will begin. Curious how these test look like? Keep reading; we have a new vlog online explaining exactly what the OC+ tests entail and how they are executed. You might even see undersigned in a white lab coat…
Show and Tell of the Observatoire Chronométrique+ certification of the Venturist
Enjoy this full explanation of the Observatoire Chronométrique+ certification process for the Venturist prototype at the TIMELAB facilities in Geneva, Switzerland.
Introducing Ian Nelson, Lebois & Co Brand Ambassador!
I am proud to introduce our new Brand Ambassador; Ian Nelson. Besides being an actor and producer, known for The Boy Next Door (2015), The Hunger Games (2012) and The Best of Me (2014), Ian is a watch enthusiast and collector. He has a sharp eye for detail, appreciates heritage and tradition and he likes to discover new brands, like ours! Both Ian and I are excited to start working together!
Lebois & Co signs a distribution agreement in the Caribbean territory
Last but not least, there is exciting distribution news! Recently Lebois & Co and Rho Distribution signed a distribution agreement. Rho Distribution is lead by Gustavo E. Rosario, a long time watch enthusiast, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur. The company is based in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, an ideal location to growth Lebois & Co in the whole region. The Caribbean islands receive over 30 millions of worldwide tourists all year round which represent an excellent market for our brand. This is on top of the local population that have keen interest in jewelry, including watches.

Thank you for reading and stay healthy and safe!

Best regards,
Lebois & Co

Tom van Wijlick

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