Venturist production update and live photos

March 30, 2020

Let me start by expressing my hope that you’re doing well. It’s the daily reality; we have to adapt to COVID-19 and we all suffer from it.

Venturist production update

Unfortunately the coronavirus also has an affect on the progress of the Venturist. Where two weeks ago we had good news about the production status, now the world looks (literally) different. In the tail of the production our supplier has had to temporarily stop assembling and testing our new watches. Very unfortunate but of course we understand the situation. The well-being and health of the employees and their families comes first. In short, the delivery of the Venturist will be delayed. Because the closure depends on the containment of coronavirus in Switzerland, the amount of delay is not yet clear. We can only hope that all measures and efforts will soon bear fruit and that we will soon be able to return to our ‘normal’ lives. In addition, TIMELAB, the horology laboratory responsible for the Observatoire Chronométrique+ certification of the Venturist, is also temporarily closed until at least the end of March and maybe a while longer.

Then good news; we have some photos of the Venturist watches that are assembled. What will immediately catch your eye is the excellent readability. In full light, the matte black dial ensures minimal reflection while the rhodium plated indexes and hands can still tell the time without any effort. Photo 3 and 4 reveal the “azurage” effect. Although the Venturist shares this effect with the Avantgarde Date, it is much less conspicuous so that the Venturist can fulfill its primary task; telling the time in any condition. Oh boy, we cannot wait for them to be finished but as they say; “all things come to those who wait”…

That’s it for now! In our next update I will share exciting news about a new distributor and an upcoming collaboration with an American actor…

Stay healthy and safe!

Best regards,
Lebois & Co

Tom van Wijlick

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