Venturist certification update and other important news…

June 15, 2020

In our last newsletter I shared that the first batch of Venturist watches had arrived and were being prepared for OC+ testing and certification. Meanwhile the watches are at TIMELAB in Geneva and the tests are in full swing. First results; Friday last week all watches had successfully completed the Water Resistance and Anti-Magnetism tests and last Wednesday we learned that the watches also passed the Power Reserve test! Very good news of course, but we’re not there yet… now follows the Chronometer test which is the longest test (17 days as it also includes the ‘on-the-wrist’ performance test) of the four tests in the OC+ certification program. Still about 360 hours to go!

The watches that pass the above mentioned tests will be awarded the ‘Observatoire Chronométrique+’ certificate. As soon as these watches are back at Lebois we will start to send the certified watches to their new owners. Most of these watches were bought in a ‘Venturist Investor Package’ along with depositary receipts for shares of Lebois & Co.

Other important news…
Then I want to share two more exciting novelties with you. As a loyal reader, I want to inform you about our intention to go live on an international crowd investing platform in the very near future. This is in line with our iterative approach and will allow us to start setting up sales channels, set-up and execute marketing campaigns and launching our new collaboration initiative (which will be discussed further below). Soon you can pre-register for exclusive early access to our crowdinvesting campaign.

Then there is novelty number two… Lebois & CoLAB; our collaboration initiative that invites watch enthusiasts throughout the world to participate in the development of our new watches. While this initiative was in included in our business plan for next year we think it is a smart move, now that people seem to be more engaged in digital experiences because of COVID-19, to bring it forward in time and start our first CoLAB project this summer. First project: the long awaited and much requested re-issue of our vintage chronograph!

Now of course we need inspiration for this project. In addition to the models that are already in our possession, we were recently able to acquire this amazing and as yet unknown Lebois ‘Big Eyes’ Chronograph from a US based collector. This watch is in mint condition, the dial is sharp and barely shows any patina. The movement, a Valjoux 22, is working flawlessly and smooth. In our opinion this is ‘The find of the year’.. Are you just as excited as us? Stay tuned..!

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,
Lebois & Co

Tom van Wijlick

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