Shareholder hallmark, design inspiration and chronometer..

November 2018

Newsletter – About the Venturist: shareholder hallmark, design inspiration and chronometer certification

The word is out! The story and images of the Venturist have been spread around the world. Famous watch blogs like Fratello Watches, Monochrome, Watchthusiast and Watchuseek already covered our new watch which can be bought together with shares of the company that makes it. A very unique proposition! Since the introduction of the Venturist we have had numerous requests for our project prospectus and also welcomed several new shareholders and future owners of the all new Lebois & Co Venturist!

Shareholder hallmark
While the Venturist itself is not a limited edition watch we have decided to place a special shareholder hallmark on the case back of the Venturist. This unique hallmark will only be placed on the first timepieces that are bought with the shareholder package and will make the Venturist even more unique than it already is!

Design and inspiration
Since the Venturist belongs to a different theme/universe, the design of the Venturist is somewhat different than that of our previous model; the Avantgarde Date. Being a certified chronometer and anti-magnetic tool watch the Venturist’ main purpose is to tell time under any circumstance.The design of the Venturist is received as clean, classic and uncluttered and described as clever and impressive. Still the Venturist is unmistakably a Lebois & Co timepiece. It for instance shares its azurage effect (behind the indexes) with the Avantgarde Date. We also took inspiration from vintage Lebois & Co timepieces as you will probably recognize in the image below…

So what exactly is a chronometer? And why is it important? A chronometer is an extremely accurate watch (or clock). A Swiss chronometer is a watch (usually mechanical) of which the precision has been tested and verified by an official Swiss watch testing bureau. A chronometer certification states that the deviation in the timekeeping remains within -4 and +6 seconds per day (ISO 3159 norm). Every movement is tested during a fifteen day examiniation where it is placed in five different positions and three different temperatures to measure its precision under various conditions of use. The result: the chronometer designation which is a badge of honor and proof that the watch is of superior quality.

About the Venturist
Last week we revealed the second watch model in our new collection: the Venturist. With its certified precision, certified anti-magnetic properties and highly legible dial, the Venturist is a sturdy yet refined tool watch for those who dare to venture. For a limited time, it is available as part of a unique proposition that allows every watch enthusiast to purchase the watch along with shares of the company.

Thank you for reading! Got questions? Drop us a line, we will be happy to answer them.

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