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June 2019

Newsletter – Rank and File

Well, we can safely say that the Venturist and its new certification have landed… The news has been picked up by media like online blogs and offline magazines. And equally important; orders are coming in, but we’ll get to that later.

When encountering TIMELAB’s OC+ certification for the first time in June 2016, I immediately knew this was the way to go for Lebois & Co. It sets us apart from the competition and it perfectly fits and emphasizes the way Lebois & Co is seen by watch enthusiasts; as the alternative for the established order of big brands (can you imagine the feeling I had when a new Lebois & Co owner tucked away his GMT-Master to fit his new Avantgarde Date?). To quote American singer-songwriter, guitarist and watch aficionado John Mayer in Hodinkee’s Talking Watches 2:

“We get the same iPhone, we get the same sneakers; everything is a bit rank and file. I think that we are entering a period of culture that people want to individualize.”

Venturist Observatoire Chronométrique+ Certified Chronometer
The Venturist is a sturdy yet refined tool watch for those who dare to venture. It is Observatoire Chronométrique+ certified on chronometry, ‘on-the-wrist’ performance, water-resistance, anti-magnetism and power reserve.

Ideal for everyday use or under rugged conditions, the Venturist’s case is made of high quality 316L stainless steel, measures 41 mm in diameter, the sweet spot of case sizes, and sits only 10,5 mm high.

The legibility of the dial, as seen through a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, is excellent in both day and night, with Super-LumiNova pigment on all hands and hand-applied hour markers.

Venturist Shareholder Package
Now, we have the honorable task to sell this great watch. Since we are also looking for investors we decided to offer the Venturist in a limited shareholder package. So if you pre-order an OC+ certified Venturist you automatically become co-owner of Lebois & Co for the long haul! Each Venturist timepiece in this exclusive package will have a unique shareholder hallmark on the case back as a seal of your commitment. Dare to venture and pre-order here: Venturist Shareholder Package.

Thank you for reading! Got questions? Drop us a line, we will be happy to answer them.

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