Observatoire Chronométrique+ Chronometer certification for Venturist

May 2019

Newsletter – Observatoire Chronométrique+ Chronometer certification for Venturist

In October last year, we introduced our newest model, the Venturist. A stylish tool watch that stands out for its sturdy yet refined design. Now we are thrilled to announce that the Venturist will come with TIMELAB’s new Observatoire Chronométrique (OC+) certification. The OC+ certification is based on more thorough and comprehensive testing than the standard ISO 3159 (‘chronometer’) test program, used and followed by laboratories such as COSC. More information can be found on the #DareToVenture campaign page.

TIMELAB’s Observatoire Chronométrique+ (OC+) standard
Instead of only verifying the chronometric performance of uncased movements, the OC+ procedure does so ‘on-the-wrist’ for the fully assembled watch, under various conditions. The power reserve, and resistance to water (up to 100 meter in the case of the Venturist) and magnetic resistance are put to the test as well. Every individual Venturist is tested in Geneva for 21 days and is only awarded the ‘Observatoire Chronométrique+’ certificate if all tests are 100% successful.

Pre-order: Venturist Shareholder Package
For a limited time, Lebois & Co offers the Venturist in a revolutionary shareholder package along with shares of the company. Venturist timepieces that are bought in the shareholder package will have a unique shareholder hallmark on the case back. More information and pre-ordering: Venturist Shareholder Package.

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