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February 2015

Almost a year ago Eveline and I came across a photo of a beautiful vintage watch, a Lebois & Co Chronograph. We printed the picture of this watch and stuck it to our fridge. Being struck by the beauty of this timepiece we started our research of this unknown brand. This eventually lead to the re-registration of the brand name and the re-launch of a forgotten watch brand: Lebois & Co.
Lebois & Co Avantgarde Date - 1st Re-launch Edition
Now a little over 80 years after the original company was founded, Lebois & Co is resurrected. Continuing it’s mission to create aesthetic Luxury Swiss timepieces. The design for our first model, the Avantgarde Date, is ready. To celebrate the rebirth of Lebois & Co we created 3 Re-launch variations of the Avantgarde Date, each limited to 100 pieces. As you can imagine funding is needed to start a watch brand almost from scratch. That’s why we decide to part-fund the resurrection of Lebois & Co using Crowdfunding.

Visit our Kickstarter page to read all about our project.

Yours sincerely,
Tom & Eveline @ Lebois & Co

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