June 10, 2023

When two vintage brands go the extra mile, new timeless icons emerge. Introducing the Lebois & Co Heritage Chronograph Indian Motorcycle. Drawing inspiration from both brands’ history, this design is bound to rev up a watch lover’s engine.

This special-edition Heritage Chronograph can be bought in combination with Indian Motorcycle’s brand-new Sport Chief (with the VIN number of your bike engraved on the watch’s caseback), or as a stand-alone purchase. Available per the first half of 2024, in a first batch of 50 pieces.

Lebois & Co x Indian Motorcycle
When the Worlds of Swiss Vintage Watches and American Motorcycles Merge

What Lebois & Co does with watches is not too different from what Indian Motorcycle have done with their Sport Chief: reviving heritage classics using contemporary technology. This is how the Lebois & Co x Indian Motorcycle collaboration took off.

The design of our collaborative watch – The Heritage Chronograph Indian Motorcycle – is a reflection of the Chief’s legacy and sleek, vintage looks, within the parameters of the Heritage Chronograph.

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