September 6, 2023

Is any watch collection truly complete without a black dial? Ours wasn’t, until now. Introducing the Heritage Chronograph Black & Gold, featuring a gilt-tone dial and hand-drawn Breguet-style numerals.

The inspiration for this variation stems from the Lebois & Co archives, which contains several gilt-tone dials. At an auction in Monaco in 2018, we also spotted a white-dial Lebois & Co with Breguet numerals. Combine the two, and a new collector’s item is born.

This beautiful new variation of the Heritage Chronograph is the result, capturing the spirit of our 1940s watches with a dash of modern style. To underline the craftsmanship of this Heritage Chronograph, our designer Matthieu Allègre redrew the Breguet-style numerals from scratch. You be the judge of the result:

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