Final prototype

December 2015

Times have been busy at Lebois & Co. Over the last months we have been working hard to put the finishing touches to our project. Apart from working on prototypes of the watch itself we have been busy with straps, buckles, manuals, packaging, etc. It has truly been an amazing experience!

Meanwhile production has started and in about two months all 100 1st Re-launch Editions will be finished. Eveline and I are proud to present our final prototype!


It has only been 8 months since our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded at 126% of its goal, making it the first Swiss Made mechanical watch successfully funded on Kickstarter! Over 80 watches were sold in our campaign.

Since we believe in the synergy between e-commerce and traditional retailers we embraced the click-and-mortar distribution concept. Although Lebois & Co was revived using the latest internet trends and opportunities we also acknowledge the power and added value of physical (brick-and-mortar) stores. Physical stores provide the best means to communicate with customers and offer great brand experience. We are convinced that click-and-mortar concepts are the future for luxury brands. This means that the remaining pieces will be sold directly on our website as well as through brick-and-mortar retailers.

Last but not least you might be happy to learn that for the 2nd Re-launch Edition of the Avantgarde Date we decided to use Kickstarter again! We are very pleased with the way the first campaign went and the exposure we had. For the second campaign we will try to gain even more exposure and implement as much “learned lessons” as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Tom & Eveline @ Lebois & Co

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