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Invested 24%
Target: € 500,000. Percentage offered: 21.74%.
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Lebois & Co is ready for the next big step. After its re-launch in 2014, Lebois & Co successfully introduced 3 Re-launch Editions of its first model; the Avantgarde Date. Now Lebois & Co has 3 new models under development, an innovative concept to combine both online and brick and mortar sales, and the opportunity for investors and watch lovers to become shareholders of the re-launched Lebois & Co. Click here for our project presentation (PDF).

About Lebois & Co

Lebois & Co is a startup that combines the best practices of horology and information technology. Lebois & Co produces high quality and certified mechanical watches to be marketed and sold with the help of innovative information technology solutions.  


Media about Lebois & Co


“Lebois & Co is one of those micro brands that really stand-out in terms of quality and finishing.” and “…a watch that can seriously compete to some of the big brands out there when it comes to finish and quality”

Monochrome Watches

“Affordable timepiece with genuine historical backstory.” and “A well-thought out design with hints to classical watchmaking but still maintaining a contemporary feel.”

Watchthusiast/Uhren Magazin (issue May/June 2016)

“Dial and Hands game are elaborate, high-quality and exceptional.” and “Especially the extraordinary and elaborate dial raises out the Avantgarde from the masses.”


Lebois & Co was founded in 1934 by Raymond Dodane, who represented the third generation of the Dodane watchmaking family. After 40 years Lebois & Co stopped producing watches and the brand ceased to exist.

In 2014 the then 80 year old Lebois & Co was revived and with the support of over 150 Kickstarter backers from 30 countries around the world, Lebois & Co raised over € 190,000 to produce their first watches. The quality and execution of Lebois & Co’s watches is praised by customers but also watch experts in reviews and is mentioned as a serious alternative to the established order of watch brands.

Business plan

  • 3 new watch models (12 variations)
    • Avantgarde Date (new version)
    • Vintage Chronographe re-issue
    • Certified model to be announced late 2018
  • Innovative click-and-mortarLebois & Co's omnichannel concept will allow customers to check availability of their favorite watch at their local retailer or purchase online and arrange local pickup. concept (sales/marketing)
  • Attract and sign new authorized dealers and distributors
  • Marketing: introduce new products to the public (offline and online)
  • Opening of branch office or subsidary in Switzerland for local operations
  • Possibility for authorized dealers to order double signed or customized watches

Customer profile

  • male
  • aged 30 to 55
  • worldly-minded
  • accomplished, independent, open
  • is a watch enthusiast
  • has an eye for detail
  • appreciates tradition and heritage
  • appreciates high quality and precision
  • likes to discover new brands and products
  • trendy but not showy
  • uses new media
  • uses the internet to purchase or to gather information about products

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New products

Lebois & Co Venturist

  • ‘Observatoire Chronométrique+’ certified by TIMELAB in Geneva on chronometry, ‘on-the-wrist’ performance, water-resistance, anti-magnetism and power reserve
  • ‘Officially Certified Chronometer’
  • prototype successfully tested
  • 41mm
  • MSRP from € 2,500

Chronograph re-issue

  • re-issue of vintage chronograph
  • bi-compax
  • MSRP from € 3,700

Avantgarde Date (new version)

  • non-limited version evolved from the classic, smart casual Re-launch Edition
  • top-grade movement
  • open case-back
  • MSRP from € 2,100

Worldwide Point Of Sale Targets



Share captial

  • Investment target: € 500,000 (min) – € 650,000 (max)
  • Share price: €40
  • Shares offered: 12,500 (min) – 16,250 (max)
  • Percentage offered: 21.7% (min) – 28.2% (max)
  • Pre-money valuation: €1.8M


  • €2.6M turnover in 2021
  • Profitable in 2021
  • Cash positive in 2021

Use of Funds

The capital increase will be used to:

  • Products: Design, develop and produce innovative new products
  • Marketing: Introduce these new products to the public (offline and online communication)
  • Indirect sales: Attract and sign new authorized dealers and distributors
  • Direct sales: Adjust website to support omnichannel sales strategy

Questions or feedback? Drop us a line!

Invest in Lebois & Co

Investment levels and benefits

Benefits are valid for a period of 4 years. Dividends are expected to be paid in 2022 upon completion of the business plan.

Project presention

There is a project presentation available for download. Click here (PDF).


We have a prospectus available for potential investors with all necessary information, which can be requested via our contact form. The prospectus is sent digitally.

Investments conditions

Investors have to fulfill Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Investing in startup is risky. Make sure you understand the risks associated.

Exemption from AFM prospectus and permit requirement

We do not need a license and a prospectus from the regulator for the AFM (Dutch Financial Markets Authority) to issue the certificates. We have an exemption based on the fact that the total value of the certificates remains below € 5,000,000. The AFM therefore does not supervise our share activities. We are obliged to report this by means of the above AFM banner.

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