Amsterdam Event

November 2016

On October 22nd the 2nd Re-launch Edition of the Avantgarde Date was ready. Time for to celebrate but also to pack everything together; watches, manuals, warranty cards, strap tools and individually chosen NATO straps were all prepared to be shipped to their new owners all over the world: Norway, Cyprus, USA, Australia, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Japan, UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong!

Saturday 29th of October the team met with our backers in Amsterdam. All backers were invited to join our team for a dinner at Jansz restaurant which belongs to the famed and recently renovated Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam. Here we raised the glass and the backers received their very own Avantgarde Date – 2nd Re-launch Edition. An evening with wonderfull people, great wine, delicous food and of course champagne to toast!

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