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June 2019 Newsletter – Rank and File Well, we can safely say that the Venturist and its new certification have landed... The news has been picked up by media like online blogs and offline magazines. And equally important; orders are coming in, but we'll get to that...

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Observatoire Chronométrique+

The new ‘Observatoire Chronométrique+’ certification certifies that a watch complies with the requirements drawn up by independent Swiss horology laboratory TIMELAB and authorises it to bear the prestigious and official title of “chronometer watch” in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO/CEI 3159 standard. The guarantee covers the finished watch and extends to other aspects relating to its reliability such as water resistance (ISO 22810), magnetic resistance (ISO 764), power reserve and performance on the wrist, in conditions representative of modern life. Each test and its individual requirements is described in detail below. Every individual watch is tested in Geneva for 21 days and is only awarded the ‘Observatoire Chronométrique+’ certificate if all tests are 100% successful.

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