About Lebois & Co

An 80 year old watch brand resurrected

Early 2014 Tom van Wijlick and his partner Eveline come across a picture of a beautiful Swiss Made vintage chronograph watch which was sold at an auction by Christie’s. They print the picture and stick it to their fridge. Being struck by the beauty of this timepiece they start their research of this unfamiliar brand and their former owners. The study leads to Lebois & Co, a brand founded in 1934 by Raymond Dodane who belongs to the third generation of the Dodane watchmaking family. Upon the approval of the Dodane family Lebois & Co is resurrected, exactly eighty years after the original company was founded.

With its new owners Lebois & Co can continue its mission to create aesthetic and affordable luxury Swiss timepieces. Thanks to over 150 investors Lebois & Co is back on the wrist of watch enthusiasts around the world and its collection of new models grows slow but steady.

At Lebois & Co we are fine-tuning and mastering the art of the perfect Swiss mechanical watch, keeping the careful balance of history, heritage, and a bit of something new, in every single watch we create.

Lebois & Co new logo

The Lebois & Co shield was designed in 2016 when Eveline and Tom agreed it was time to have a more meaningful logo designed. The shield is derived from the coat of arms of the Van Wylick family. The Van Wylick family dates back to 1550 and the coat of arms has been used for hundreds of years. Linking the shield to Lebois & Co symbolises that Lebois & Co is now under careful guardianship of the Van Wylick family.